Amit Mulani

Director & Trainer at “Amit Mulani & Team Private Limited”
M.D. at Atlantico International

(M.E. WREM, DLC in Foreign Trade)

  • Product Selection
  • Terms in Export-Import
  • Custom, Shipping and Logistics
  • Export Finance and Forex Banking
  • Buyer Finding
  • Documentation

Keyur Monpara

Co-Founder at “Amit Mulani & Team Private Limited”
Technical & Content Quality Expert

(Digital Marketing Pro)

  • Content Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Development
  • Business Growth
  • Relations & Collaboration
  • Global Opportunity Catcher

How we started?

Introducing Amit Mulani & Team: Empowering Entrepreneurs in the World of Export-Import

Our story begins in 2012 when a determined individual named Mr. Amit Mulani embarked on a journey to explore the world of export-import business from India.

With limited knowledge and faced with countless challenges, he scoured books, internet resources, sought advice from experienced exporters, and absorbed every piece of information he could find. Despite encountering obstacles and making mistakes along the way, his unwavering determination led him to secure his first export order after nine months of struggle.

As Mr. Mulani’s business started to flourish, he realized the significance of his own experiences and the challenges faced by newcomers in the export-import industry. Recognizing the immense potential for growth in India’s export sector, he felt a calling to contribute to the nation’s economy by sharing his knowledge and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs.

In 2015, he established Bharat Udaan Mission, an institute based in Surat, Gujarat, India, aimed at providing education and awareness about export-import business. Mr. Mulani began conducting seminars on the subject, even though his first seminar only had four attendees. Undeterred by the initial response, he persisted, balancing his own business during the day and teaching export-import students late into the night.

Over the next five years, Bharat Udaan Mission successfully educated thousands of individuals through their comprehensive in-person courses. However, Mr. Mulani’s vision extended beyond the boundaries of physical classrooms. He envisioned reaching a broader audience and making a significant impact on India’s economy.

It was during this pivotal moment that Mr. Keyur Monpara, an entrepreneur and technical enthusiast who shared Mr. Mulani’s passion for digital content quality and global business expansion, joined forces with him.

Together, they formed “Amit Mulani & Team” to expand the reach of their export-import training courses. With Keyur’s expertise, they developed a robust system and process to fulfill Amit’s ambitious goal via technology, Mobile Applications, Customer Service Software, etc. Their plans were set in motion, but destiny had a different plan in store.

The COVID-19 pandemic struck, leading to nationwide lockdowns and the suspension of physical classes. Unfazed by the challenges, Amit’s team quickly adapted, transitioning their seminars into webinars and embracing the digital realm. This decision became a turning point for the company. People from all corners of India, hungry for knowledge and convenience, flocked to the online classes, demanding recorded class videos for flexible learning.

Under Keyur’s guidance, Amit Mulani & Team created an exceptional online platform for their self-paced export-import courses. The company expanded its team to speed-up export-import data analysis, customer service, and assistance with documentation for startups, forging collaborations with various organizations to simplify the export-import journey for new businesses.

Over the past decade, the export-import industry in India has experienced tremendous growth, and Amit Mulani & Team have been at the forefront, empowering countless entrepreneurs to navigate this high-potential business landscape. Today, they have set their sights on global expansion, reaching countries such as UAE, US, Canada, and Europe, ensuring that their valuable expertise knows no bounds.

Amit Mulani & Team’s vision for the future is to educate and support all export-import startup entrepreneurs, facilitating their seamless entry into this dynamic industry. With a robust ten-year plan in place, the company is ready to scale new heights, empowering individuals worldwide to unlock the immense potential of the export-import domain.

Join us on this exciting journey of growth and knowledge as we empower you to thrive in the world of export-import business. Together, let’s build a prosperous future business.

Welcome to Amit Mulani & Team!