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India’s Best Global Business Startup Course!

Learn Export Import.

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Training People How to Startup Export Import
Business Step-By-Step Is What We Do Best

Training People How to Startup Export Import Business Step-By-Step Is What We Do Best

Course Language: हिन्दी

Learn From Real Exporters

Any Age & Without any Office

No Investment, No Product Needed

Startup Global Business Next Month


Amit Mulani & Team is Rated Excellent

(4.9 out of 5 based on 2400+ Google Reviews)

Startup Successful Export Import Business In India

It’s the difference between How The 99.999% Startups don’t even send
 Export Shipment, and the 0.001% that do!

Time Saving Course

Low Cost (EMI Available | 350/Month)

1st Successful Export Guarantee 

International Job Compliant Certificate

Self Learn / Youtube

Time Consuming
High Failure Ratio

Other Trainers

High Fees
No Support
Learn from Trainers

Amit Mulani & Team

Low Fees
.Live Support
Learn from Real Exporters


Easy to Understand Professional Course

Quickly Startup after Course

Latest, Updated & Detailed

.Live Sessions with Experts

Handholding Support for All

Step-by-Step Startup Course

Globally Accepted Certificate

Fraud Case Protection Support & Training

Documentation Support for all Products

1st Successful Export Assistance

Global Business Growth Sessions

Worldwide Community of Exporter Importers

.Live Support Team available

International Business Tour (Dubai, Africa, Singapore, More..)

Setup Company in Dubai, Singapore

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Easy to Understand Professional Course

Quickly Startup after Course

Latest, Updated & Detailed

.Live Sessions with Experts

Handholding Support for All

Step-by-Step Startup Course

Globally Accepted Certificate

Fraud Case Protection Support & Training

Documentation Support for all Products

1st Successful Export Assistance

Global Business Growth Sessions

Worldwide Community of Exporter Importers

.Live Support Team available

International Business Tour (Dubai, Africa, Singapore, More..)

Stertup Company in Dubai, Singapore

Amit Mulani
& Team

Uncomplete Information Could Be Dangerous…

Export Import Master Course is The One Stop Solution To Learn, Start & Scale Your Own Exim Business From Scratch

Learn From Real Exporters

Follow Our Success Path, That Took us 10+ Years to Build

Join the online master course to fuel up your Import Export Business Startup…

We have created the tested & optimized success path that leads you forward and — capture one step at a time in Export Import Business Journey.

We have worked hard to create a course that becomes startup friendly for Indian entrepreneurs.

And that’s called — Export Import Master Course!


Learn Everything About Export Import Business from INDIA

Master Course Gives You Everything You Need To
Startup, Sell & Expand Your Business Globally

All In One Convenient Spot!

Export Import

Master Course

Everything you need to grow in one place. You don’t need to spent your valuable time on solving doubts & finding incomplete information here & there.

With Master Course, you can…

  • Access detailed content from very basic to advance about export import.

  • Always stay ahead through latest and regularly updated business content.

  • Get global insights of instant opportunities regarding export import products.

Learn From Real Exporters

Learn From Real Exporters

How to Use...

Customs Warehouse

Learn how to Re-Export & many other duty saving benefits of customs warehouse. Do smart work!

With Customs Warehouse, you can…

  • Master Course includes complete information about customs bonded warehouse and duty paid warehouse.

  • Learn how Re-Exporters takes advantage of bonded warehouses to repack and rebrand the products on port area.

  • Learn how you can clear the imported goods in partitions or take more time to pay duty.

How to Export

Bulk Raw Materials

Raw material import export has big share in entire global trading. Learn how the bulk packaging and goods supply works.

With Master Course, you can…

  • Learn complete cycle of Raw-Material Export Import including packaging, safety and policy.

  • Find top buyer countries ordering raw materials in bulk to use in manufacturing, food industry and more.

  • Raw material goods are always traded in large quantities. That means big revenue & financial turnover, We help you find the potential product and guide you to start successful shipments. 

Learn From Real Exporters

Learn From Real Exporters

Learn Export Import of

Chemical Products

Organic and inorganic chemicals are the 5th largest importing products by India, also it is the most various opportunity sector.

With Master Course, you can…

  • Learn how to export & import chemicals. How to enter into the fastest growing organic chemicals business.

  • Find government regulations and limitations on chemicals.

  • How to pack hazardous chemicals to comply with importer country’s custom rules.

How to Export by

Air Cargo Containers

68.4 Million Metric Tons of Cargo Transferred through Air in 2022.

With Master Course, you can…

  • Learn types and usage of air-cargo containers (ULDs).

  • Calculate Air freight quote and applicable duties online.

  • Learn which products required to be exported via Air-cargo & how to track and locate containers.

Learn From Real Exporters

Learn From Real Exporters

Export Large Quantity

BreakBulk Cargo

Goods that cannot fit in standard size shipping containers are transported in Breakbulk cargo.

With Master Course, you can…

  • Learn how the big shipping vessels carries goods in extremely big quantities.

  • Products like grains, corn, raw mild steel, coal, steel bar rolls, raw fertilizers, scrap, tires, loose items many more giant size cargo.

  • learn how to process break bulk cargo orders.

Export Import

Automobile Vehicles

56 Lakh+ Automobiles Exported from India in financial year 2021-22. 35% Yearly Increase


With Master Class, you can…

  • Learn Export & Import E-Vehicles, Commercial Automobiles, Earth Movers and More. 

  • Increasing Manufacturing of Electronic vehicles in India opens vast opportunities into global market for exporters.

  • Learn how automobile carriers operates and how you can dive in!

Learn From Real Exporters

Learn From Real Exporters

All Incoterms

Shipping Insurance

Learn how to transfer liabilities of your goods to be insured and who is liable till when in case of accident.

With Incoterms, you can…

  • Secure your goods via insurance which decides liability of Exporter and Importer.

  • Transit accidents happens very rare but you need to learn how to be secure all time. No risk!

How To Export

Perishable Foods

Every other state of India has different perishable goods to export. Which requires special treatment and packaging before onboarding.

With Master Course, you can…

  • Learn how to do successful deal for time specific delivery and hygiene Packaging.

  • Understand what international market is looking for in food product quality.

  • Every country requires specific compliances for perishable goods. 

Learn From Real Exporters

Learn From Real Exporters

Master in

Export Packaging

Packing your products well is the extremely important fundamental to take care in export business.

With Master Course, you can…

  • There are dozens of parameters which can impacts on your goods in container while transit. Which can ruin it before delivery.

  • Packaging should be robust to overcome all the possible impacts of the shipping process.

  • On the other hand, Pack your products like premium, and make your product stand out from the competition.

  • Good packaging improves the overall value of it. 

Learn How to Secure Your


Follow the rules of Payment terms and you will never get trapped. Always deal professionally.

With Master Class, you can…

  • Learn each and every payment term to do secure business globally with every country in the world.

  • Apart from that, we will guide you the vulnerable points to notice and stay secure in export import business.

  • We also teach you the way to identify possible fraud party overseas.

  • In case if you are trapped, We guide you the way to get your money or goods back to reduce your possible loss.

Learn From Real Exporters

Learn From Real Exporters

Join With Us & Get

Export Document Verification Support

That’s called live support we provide to our Master Course members. We will verify your documents before you export until you become confident…

With Master Course, you can…

  • Ask our team members to verify your documents before or after you finalize the deal.
  • A small mistake in document can revoke your government benefits.

  • Live support team will try their best to keep you secured if any possible trap or mistake founded.

  • Team has secured more then 3000+ members till now & ongoing on daily bases…

Build Your Global Business Career

Get Job In Multi National Companies

Looking to Build a successful career in Global Business Management? You are at right place!

With Master Course, you can…

  • The growth of Indian Exports is immense. Indian Ports are operating at it’s full capacity.

  • Companies are expanding their global market and new players are entering in export import business everyday. Which creates huge demand of skillful experts. 

  • Joining Master course, Step-by-step you will learn each and every fundamental of export import business, which applies on every products, country and industry.

  • Becoming skillful in Global business will open unlimited possibilities to get hired globally.

Learn From Real Exporters

Learn From Real Exporters

Government Recommended

Course Completion Certificate

AM&T Export Import Master Course Certificate has it’s own value, through which members are getting job in Companies based in Dubai, Canada & Singapore etc…

With Certificate, you can…

  • You can join Export Import Department of any global business company.

  • You can manage documentation department of multi national business company.

  • Moreover, you will be also skilled for international marketing, buyer finding, product promoting,
    professional customer relationship management and many more skills.

  • Members are being able to crack 3 layer interviews really easy in Multi national export import companies.

Join With Us

Attend International Exhibitions

Trade fairs and Exhibitions are the core for export import business startups.

With Master Course, you can…

  • Participate or visit international exhibitions with low budget by government support schemes.

  • Learn how government bare the cost for you to promote your business in international trade fair and makes it easy to get visa approvals aswell.

  • Through our internal networks and connections in export promotion councils, we guide our members fulfill the government criteria to get eligible to participate international trade fair for free.

Learn From Real Exporters

Export Import Master Course is…

Compatible with Below Industries


Join Amit Mulani & Team And Witness
The Best Export Import Course Of The Country

Learn From Real Exporters


8 Reasons, Why you should learn from us?

This Course is designed at the deep level practical information of Export Import Business.

We are doing export since 2013. We have surpassed the problems and hurdles at ground level.

We know the Issues of a Startup entrepreneur will face. Thus this course is designed at the very Startup Friendly way to scale from beginner to advance in Export Import Business.

Of course you will get huge information information on internet, but at the end spending lot of time and energy, usually people get over whelmed and funds no light or clue to progress further or even start over.

At such deep level, it took us 10 years to Architecture this course for you, where we structured the information on Step-By-Step manner. (This type of deeply explained information is not available anywhere else.)

We considered the mindset of a startup entrepreneur while business standard implementation in this exclusive course.

Genuine & Always updated.
The dedicated team working on the course to keep it highly updated on regular bases.

So the member’s get all the latest information on export import at one place.

Fill in the blanks types ready to use documents.(Latest Policy Docs.) for export import business.
Members can download full bundle of ready to use updated documents to start using into their own export import business.

Startup Friendly Course
We experienced the demands and needs of startup entrepreneurs of export import.

This we developed the easy to access portal where all the facility, information, knowledge, notifications and support can be provided on single platform. (All in one).

We care about information so you can focus on your business.

Essential for time saving startup entrepreneurs.

As a wise man said. “Surround your self with the people on same Mission as you.”

We have successfullly developed the Export Import Entrepreneurs community, where they can share, receive or ask for support.

Get the push of people who are grinding for the same good as you.

Stay surrounded, motivated and supported.

Our team members are specialized and experienced in every fundamentals of Export Import.

Thus members get instant support on call, chat or email.


If you have gone through our story, we are not members only, Doing Export Business since 2012, 
There are thousands of freshers became successful entrepreneurs with us. we have learned a lot from their journey also. 

Even they supported our business also after getting well access to certain countries and regions, 

and we are very thankful to our members who contributed in this community to support other startups.

Let’s Root for each other and watch each other grow. 

Such a proud moment.