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8 Reasons, Why you should learn from us?

This Course is designed at the deep level practical information of Export Import Business.

We are doing export since 2013. We have surpassed the problems and hurdles at ground level.

We know the Issues of a Startup entrepreneur will face. Thus this course is designed at the very Startup Friendly way to scale from beginner to advance in Export Import Business.

Of course you will get huge information information on internet, but at the end spending lot of time and energy, usually people get over whelmed and funds no light or clue to progress further or even start over.

At such deep level, it took us 10 years to Architecture this course for you, where we structured the information on Step-By-Step manner. (This type of deeply explained information is not available anywhere else.)

We considered the mindset of a startup entrepreneur while business standard implementation in this exclusive course.

Genuine & Always updated.
The dedicated team working on the course to keep it highly updated on regular bases.

So the member’s get all the latest information on export import at one place.

Fill in the blanks types ready to use documents.(Latest Policy Docs.) for export import business.
Members can download full bundle of ready to use updated documents to start using into their own export import business.

Startup Friendly Course
We experienced the demands and needs of startup entrepreneurs of export import.

This we developed the easy to access portal where all the facility, information, knowledge, notifications and support can be provided on single platform. (All in one).

We care about information so you can focus on your business.

Essential for time saving startup entrepreneurs.

As a wise man said. “Surround your self with the people on same Mission as you.”

We have successfullly developed the Export Import Entrepreneurs community, where they can share, receive or ask for support.

Get the push of people who are grinding for the same good as you.

Stay surrounded, motivated and supported.

Our team members are specialized and experienced in every fundamentals of Export Import.

Thus members get instant support on call, chat or email.

If you have gone through our story, we are not members only, Doing Export Business since 2012, 
There are thousands of freshers became successful entrepreneurs with us. we have learned a lot from their journey also. 

Even they supported our business also after getting well access to certain countries and regions, 

and we are very thankful to our members who contributed in this community to support other startups.

Let’s Root for each other and watch each other grow. 

Such a proud moment.


Sure, Members can access all 3 way facility for any real time support regarding export import business.

  1. Call
  2. Live Chat
  3. Email

Just login to your mobile application & visit Support option.

Yes, Your first shipment documents are very important to be checked.

For example, L/C, Invoice, Insurance and many other documents.

Honestly, not business can be done without investment. At least you need to get your company registration, GST and IEC code to get your self ready to Export, and it does not cost more than 5k INR.

Once you have the above paper work done, there are tons of ways to start exporting without investment. Best example is “Merchandise Export”.

We suggest to complete export import business course. all such doubts will be cleared immediately, and you will be on the place to select the right path towards global business accordingly.

Great to know!
It’s ok, if you are feeling your self an established entrepreneur.
But, We guarantee you after completing this course, you will be a full fledge, updated mindset entrepreneur with latest
360 Degree marketing and business scaling vision. 

It’s our record till now, every corporate expert joined with us has always get to know something Extra ordinary from us.

Sure, Just let us know your preffered port to export or import our team will work-out for the same and suggest you the best cerfied CHA from our list of connections.

Also we are developing some amazing online portals to facilitate such requirements of our members. 

Such circumstances are very rare, it only happens when your documentations are having errors or if you are dealing in restricted or prohibited products by Government of the Country.
But not to worry, All problems have solutions if you are doing legal business.
Out expert team is experienced in such issues related to port.
Also we have expert CHA who can guide you for the possible solutions.

Yes, Sure and Pure,
Our 360 Degree Strategy is the Core of this Course Updates.
Team of Experts Dedicatedly works and keeps eyes on Every aspects of Export Import Industry including Government Websites, News, EPC Events, Trade Fairs and many more parameters.
Thus we update the course on regular bases to keep the member’s focus on business only.

Of course, your first shipment process will be little confusing. like sometimes buyer demands additional services, or buyer sticks to the certain payment terms or incoterms. 

At that time new entrepreneurs get confused. But our specialized team is always available to clear any doubts, questions to guide you right wat to prevent possible loss or fraud with you as soon as possible.

Just login to your mobile application & visit support option.

Yes, it depends. 
Product selection is totally depends on your interested industry and passion, also it is completely explained deeply inside the course. But if you have already selected products and want us to guide you for proper way to represent in market. Yes you are always welcome.

Good & Important Question. 

We have probided 10 videos and dozens of tips, tricks and proven ways on How to Find Buyers Abroad topic inside the course. also we update it on regular bases. 

There is no short explanation of this question. but definitely after completing the course. our members are much satisfied with given tactics.

“Individually we are one drop, Togather We are an Ocean”
– Ryunosuke Satoro

We have built this road of community and it will be always in under construction.
The community can be helpful on many ways.
Support your query, keeps you update on Industry level, Find the people who works on same products or industry as you.
Keep your self motivated, share and celebrate every little success on this Business journey.
There are contributor members who helped startup members on very ground level phase,
There are many possible benefits once you enter inside the family of Exporters & Importers.

Because it is a long distance business, people usually doubts about possibility of Fraud cases.
Yes, Fraud can be happen with anyone who does not follow the Professional Business process.
Usually victims are the people who does not have the complete information of Export Import business, and fraudsters are always looking for them.
If you learn the Step-by-step complete process of legal export import business. There is no chance anyone can do fraud with you.
We frequently arrange live webinars with members and experts to discuss on Global business criteria. such gatherings eventually expand the knowledge of our members.
Also the community has a lot experienced members who shares the possible threats to prevent in Export Import.

Yes, in fact many Indian Students from Foreign countries have joined the Course and successfully started Import business doing collaboration with Indian suppliers.
They know the Indian market very well and they have the physical access in foreign market over there.
So it’s a win win situation.

Certificate FAQs

Once you complete the course. our support executive will check the progress and timings you have spent. 
If all criteria qualified, we will send you a Course Completion Certificate on your registered email with us. 

Based on ‘Amit Mulani & Team – Export Import Business
Course Completion Certificate’
members got job in Foreign countries like Dubai, USA, Canada, UK etc and in INDIA as well.
These members have applied for job in companies, they went through the interview process, and fulfilled all the skill criteria learned in Course.

Based on Amit Mulani & team Course Completion Certificate, Our members got Job in Multi National Companies dealing in Export Import Business.
Such Companies cross verifies the Certificate with the issuer.
Facilitating that we have launched online certificate verification platform for Members.
This professional certificate will be always available online for openly verification once you successfully obtain it.